MadhavanMe : Hi Sir, How are you 

 : Hi,  I’m fine, how are you?

Me : You are a great leader and good health insurance agent. Today I am going to interview for your health insurance journey.

Madhavan : Oh thank you for the compliment, ya you can interview me.

Me : Thank you sir

How was your journey in this health insurance industry, why did you choose this field?

Madhavan : It’s a great journey, I was working in a private company after my graduation. I have done MA and I worked for almost 7-8 companies. I started my work from a call center, I used to work for a bank where my work is to collect documents from the customer’s and submit them to the office and I worked for a travel agency booking centre. One of my friend introduced me to this star health insurance and made me write an exam and I became an agent to work as a part time job.

Me : How were your starting days as a health insurance agent? What problems you faced. 

Madhavan: Firstly I only took my health insurance. I was not comfortable meeting people personally and explaining to them about the policy t&c. I started to go with my friend to meet clients. I used to observe him how he is going to approach them, how he will explain the policy conditions and how he used to convince them. I became a bit confident and started approaching my friends, relatives, and my previous company colleagues. All the people I met were used to listening to my talk and used to send me saying they would inform me of their decision afterwards. I was not concentrating completely on this job.

Me : Fine sir, then what was the turning point that you thought about this job seriously? 

Madhavan : In 2008 I left my job due to my personal reasons and went back to my native. Then for the next 3-4 four months it became very tough to maintain monthly expenses and take care of our home expenditures. That was the time I called my friend for help, he suggested that I get engaged completely in making star health insurance. I have become an agent but have not worked for one and half years. I decided to continue full time irrespective of coming hurdles. 

Me : What are the problems you faced during the starting in the middle and now you’re facing. 

Madhavan : See as per my experience procrastination is the number one obstacle that everyone faces including me. I used to postpone my work, my plans, my duties and my trips. But once you decide yourself subconsciously to overcome your procrastination, that is going to be your turning point in the rest of your life. 

        At the start I used to travel a lot to meet customers, clients. Every visit I used to make was new to me, I used to correct myself each time I visit a new customer & still I am learning to understand the customers. In the first two years I made only 50 policies even though I showed my plans to thousands of people.

        Later I started to understand people’s mindset & approach to their needs and get their policy. And from their references, friends & relatives.

        Now as the technology is improved I usually do all my policies online from my mobile only. Now the work has become so easy compared to my initial days. Now I work to train new insurance agents. I just have to remind my clients about their renewal and to get their payments and their policy covers their families & I get my commission. Here the win-win situation is there.

This rule will help everyone to improve equally.

Me : what would you suggest to us to take up this insurance agency.

Madhavan : Now India is becoming more aware of health insurance compared to 10 years back. And my business has become more in this COVID times. I am giving all insurance through online only, I need not to visit my client. I collect their few documents through mail or whats up or telegram. I log in to my star health portal & make policy to them & will be sending payment links to my customers. They have to verify their details and have to make payments. It is as simple as this.

During this COVID time health insurance has become a lifeline for many families. I take my training online to my team. 

 Only few percentage of population is having health insurance and very very few agents are there, the more agents we make the more health insurance we make , we help people’s health and we make profits also.

Me : Thank you for your valuable time sir & I want your guidance to my clients next Sunday I am conducting in my house. Please make time and guide us sir.

Madhavan : Sure. I will be happy to share my experience & train your clients.

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